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What is this thing?

The JJ Spotter Pack is a spotter replacement for iRacing. Its goal is to significantly heighten the immersion factor of simracing by replacing the default in-sim spotter/crew chief with authentic audio from crew chief Chad Knaus and spotter Earl Barban. Even though the dialog came from stock car oval racing, the pack is purposely designed (as best I could) to be used for any vehicle in any series. Although it sounds a little funny to be told to clean your tires in a dirt race, but... let's just ignore that minor detail. With over 4,200 samples in the pack, no two races will ever sound the same in the history of history.

There are 2 flavors of the JJSP: The Standard Pack, and the Cuss Pack. The Standard Pack is PG-13'ish, and won't play anything that you wouldn't hear on network television on a Friday night. The Cuss Pack contains the same content as the Standard Pack, but also includes profanity. It's not overboard, but it's enough to make it colorful.

Installation instructions are detailed further down the page....

Project History

The JJ Pack was first brought to life on March 13th, 2003 for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus. After 3 years and 21 updated versions, it reluctantly became a "finished product" for NR03.

A couple years later when iRacing opened shop, the JJ pack began its migration. It started as a simple port job from NR03, but it has changed a lot since then, including a whole spotter replacement from Chris Osborne to Earl Barban in version 5.00. Work continues on further expanding the pack in iRacing, unless otherwise stated. My goal is to have so many clips that it breaks the sim.


Please do not re-post the files from my work on another site, or use them in another project for this sim or any other sim: The usual and reasonable wishes from any artist or creator of things.

JJ Spotter Pack for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

If you still race NR03 and want the old JJSP for that, I've moved all the NR03 stuff to its own ancient page. Click here to go there.

Latest News


v7.00 Update Now Available!

iRacing made a bunch of spotter coding changes for the Spring Build. They reorganized some things, combined other things, got rid of other things, renamed other things, changed how some sentences are constructed, added new things. Short story: The changes break the JJSP to some degree. That's the bad news. The good news is that I updated the JJSP to work with the new code, and I think I made it better as well.

I had to re-do a bunch of things, and while I was in there, I re-evaluated a lot of other calls and ended up shuffling some stuff around to work better in other areas. This version isn't just a fix for the new build, there is a lot of new audio thrown in there as well. I don't know how many clips are new, but close to 700 clips have been added or otherwise re-worked. So many that I skipped a bunch of version numbers and went right to v7.00.

More good news is the addition of a true "1 lap of fuel remaining" call. When Chad yells at you to pit, he really means it now! As always, check your F4 box and use your own discretion. I also did something with Rallycross that should replace some of the default with Chad, and I muted the rest. It wasn't easy. Chad never says the word "joker" in real life, so I had to find a way to make him say it in the sim. It could be better. It could be worse. I still want to make this area a lot better if I can, but at least something is there now. Note: You might want to keep track of your own joker laps.

As usual, the pack comes in Standard and Cuss Pack versions. I uploaded both in self-installing .exe files, plus just the .zipped up sound files as well. It was brought to my attention that the installer doesn't work on Macs... or Linux.. or DOS.. or some configuration of Windows.. or whatever it was. With the .zip, the files would just need to manually be unzipped to a folder that you must create. See instructions below.

CAUTION: Do NOT extract the .zip to your desktop! A friend accidentally did this and it crashed his computer when 4,000 files flooded his screen. I thought it was funny, but he wasn't amused.

Installation Instructions

* NOTE- You are not required to uninstall any previous versions of the JJSP for the new one to work.

* Download your version and format of choice; There are 4 files to choose from to suit your needs. You only need 1 of them.

-- JJ Spotter Pack v7.00 (exe) : The Standard spotter pack version in a self-installing .exe file. It should create and extract all the sound files to the default iRacing folder.

-- JJ Spotter Pack v7.00 (zip) : The Standard pack with just the zipped up sound files. You'll have to extract the zip manually to the correct folder location.

-- JJ Spotter-Cuss Pack v7.00 (exe) : The Cuss Pack version in a self-installing .exe file. It should create and extract all the sound files to the default iRacing folder.

-- JJ Spotter-Cuss Pack v7.00 (zip) : The Cuss Pack with just the zipped up sound files. You'll have to extract the zip manually to the correct folder location.

If you installed iRacing to the default directory...

* Just run the .exe installer and everything will take care of itself. It will create a "JJ Spotter Pack" folder and extract all the sound files into it.

If you installed iRacing to a custom directory, or used Steam... or you are using the .zip files... continue reading.

* You will first have to locate where the iRacing core software files are. You can do a hard drive search for "spcc" and the folder should come up. It's NOT in your 'my documents.'

* The \\iRacing\sound\spcc folder is what you're looking for. You will see a few default sound pack folders already in there; chrisWheeler, darrenManing, tj_and_steve. If you see those, you're in the right place.

* Create a new folder along side those in that SPCC directory. Name it whatever you want.

* If using the .exe installer, point it to that new folder that you created when it prompts for a destination. If you're using the .zip format, extract it into the folder you created.

* When all is well, your folder tree should look something like this;
\\iRacing\sound\spcc\Your Created Spotter Folder

* Once installed, launch the sim and go into the Sound Options and select the JJSP from the voicepack drop down list. If you don't see it there, 9 times out of 10 it's because the spotter folder was created in a place where the sim isn't looking for it. Reference the picture above, that's where it should go. The voicepacks listed in the sim come right from the folder names in that \\spcc folder.

* After selecting it, you'll have to restart the sim before the pack will take effect.

Lap Times

If you didn't know, you can customize the format that lap times are given to you. The default is the full time, down to the thousandth of a second. [MM:SS.XXX] I personally go with an abbreviated format [SS.XX] to replicate how Chad gives times. However way you prefer, this can be customized in the app.ini file. Look for the [SPCC] tag toward the bottom. This is what mine looks like.