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What is this thing?

The JJ Spotter Pack is an audio add-on for iRacing. Its goal is to significantly heighten the immersion factor of simracing by replacing the default in-sim spotter/crew chief with authentic audio from crew chief Chad Knaus and spotter Earl Barban. Even though the dialog came from stock car oval racing, the pack is purposely designed to be used for any vehicle, and for both oval and road racing. With over 3,200 samples in the pack, no two races will ever sound the same.

Instructions on where to put the files are detailed further down the page....

Project History

The JJ Pack was first brought to life on March 13th, 2003 for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus. After 3 years and 21 updated versions, it reluctantly became a "finished product" for NR03.

A couple years later when iRacing came onto the scene, the JJ pack began its migration. It started as a simple port job from NR03, but it has changed a lot since then, including a whole spotter replacement from Chris Osborne to Earl Barban in version 5.00. Work continues on further expanding the pack, unless otherwise stated.


Please do not re-post the files from my work on another site, or use them in another project for this sim or any other sim: The usual and reasonable wishes from any artist or creator of things.

JJ Spotter Pack for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

I've moved all the NR03 stuff to its own page. Click here to go there.

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Still A WIP

Rumors of this being a finished product are greatly exaggerated. Well, I don't know if there've been any rumors or not, but just wanted to post a quick update to say that I'll be working on an updated version... soon.

Installation Instructions

* Download your version of choice; either the standard pack or the cuss pack. Outside of the adult language in the cuss pack, they have identical content.

If you installed iRacing to the default directory...

* Just run the installer and everything will take care of itself. It will create a "JJ Spotter Pack vx.xx" folder and extract all the files within it

If you installed iRacing to a custom directory...

* You will first have to manually create the spotter folder before running the installer.

* Locate your \\iRacing\sound\spcc folder, and create the new folder in there. This is where all the spotter files will be going. You can name it whatever you want.

* Run the installer and point it to that new folder when it prompts for a destination.

* When all is well, your folder tree should look something like this;
\\iRacing\sound\spcc\JJ Spotter Pack vx.xx

Once installed, launch the sim and go into the Sound Options and select the JJSP from the voicepack drop down list. You'll have to restart the sim before it will take effect.

Lap Times

If you didn't know, you can customize the format that lap times are given to you. The default is the full time, down to the thousandth of a second. [MM:SS.XXX] I personally go with an abbreviated format [SS.XX] to replicate how Chad gives times. However way you prefer, this can be customized in the app.ini file. Look for the [SPCC] tag toward the bottom. This is what mine looks like.